Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spooky Stuff

 I know this blog will probably piss a lot of people off and I will probably lose a lot of friends. However, I cannot help myself and please know that I mean NO offense.  In fact I totally encourage any and all comments. 

BUT-Since we moved to Tucson (approx 6 years ago) we have noticed that a LOT of people around here believe in the super natural, especially ghosts and spirits. 

I really do not care what people believe in, i.e. ghosts, alien abduction, leprechauns etc.
However, since moving to this part of the world, my youngest kid has become increasingly paranoid. It seems to be a very common idea to be in touch with or see spirits/ghosts. I constantly have to use reason and logic to put her mind at ease.  

Kid 4: Mom, so & so’s mom says that I have a spirit that follows me, but I shouldn’t worry about it because it’s probably just a loved one that passed over.  

Me: Are you fucking KIDDING ME! SHE SAID THAT TO YOU? Oh honey, don’t worry.  Until someone catches a ghost in a jar and shows it to me, I just don’t believe in that shit, I mean stuff, do you need to sleep in my room tonight?

Kid 4: But Mom, my other friend so & so’s grandpa sees ghosts, in fact they have a room just for their ghost. It has a bed and everything.” Hahahaha no fucking way, for real?

Kid 1:  Hahahaha, no way!  You need to go shine a flashlight in their window every night at the same time & leave notes written backward on their porch.  

Kid 2:  MAN, I know a lot of people that believe in this shit too.  I’m not saying it’s not REAL, but ignorance is bliss in my case.

Kid 3: No shit dude, I say keep your fucking “gift” to yourself, I don’t want any part of that crap.

Me: I know right? How exactly is that supposed to work next time you go take a poo or pick your nose or other manly/girly things?  Do you think your Grandpa’s & Grandma’s ghosts see all that? Plus I just can’t seem to reason out the whole going to heaven and being a ghost at the same time thingy guys. Call me crazy, but I just can’t make that piece fit.  AND remember guys, you spent the first halves of your lives in a big ole turn of the century 2 story house with secret cubbies & attics etc that would make these McMansion people around here cry for their Mama if they just looked at it.  If you didn’t see any ghosts there….I’m pretty sure we’re good.

Kid 3:  Well sometimes I do kind of see something from the corner of my eye dart by.

Me: Shut the fuck up, I mean the front door dude!  Really like what? The Devil?

Kid 3: No No, just sometimes it seems like I see something dart by.

Me:  Yeah, don't worry, I’m sure you just need to clean your contacts. 

All this said, I don’t discount the idea and I am certainly not throwing stones ok maybe little teeny ones with happy faces on them. I understand the whole concept of believing and having faith in things that can’t be proven, i.e. God, Love, Gravity etc etc. I’m just not QUITE ready to jump over to ghost thing.  Am I narrow minded?  So very.  Am I ok with that?  So very.   

PLEASE comment about any thoughts, beliefs or experiences on this subject.  Do you believe in ghosts/spirits? 

Thanks kid 1, you're humor kills me sometimes.


Lisha @ DeLovely Life said...

Yep. I absolutely do. My experiences with the supernatural would weird you right out, so I'm not sayin nothin'. :) But, I am a skeptic. I figure most "hauntings" can be explained. You know all of the supernatural shows out right now, right? Well, some of that footage is quite compelling. But I figure you're the type that needs to see it to believe it. Oh, and your spirit doesn't go to heaven when you're a ghost. It's stuck here. All I'm saying is that there are more things in heaven and earth, Bless My Bitchy Heart, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. See, Shakespeare applies to everything!

Billy Bob said...

yerp, i had one of them ghosts haunt my house. my house was built last year, maybe its on some burial ground? i mean, i did find a dead lizard in the cupboard

B said...

I see dead people...

Cousin B said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and welcome.
I didn't and still don't believe in ghosts, hauntings etc. However, After I lost my sister, mom and dad all in one years time (about 6 yrs. ago) I swear, occasionally...I have felt one or the others, presence at times. Not at my choice of times, just all of a sudden, I'll feel them right there with me. Don't know what to make of it. I just choose to believe that they're spirit is watching over me and my family.