Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents' Day

Today is Presidents' Day and my kids had school! What a RIP! My kids didn’t have school on Martin Luther King’s birthday, nor do they have school this Thursday and Friday in observance of AZ Rodeo Days, but they did have school today….mmmmkay

In honor of Presidents' Day, I pondered what we here in my household are the Presidents of.

The Hubb:  The President of Lost keys, tools, wallet and various man shit.

Me: The President of being blamed for secretly plotting to hide lost keys, tools, wallet and various man shit because I obviously delight in such crap and have nothing else to do.

Kid 1: The President of Influence, Deep Thinking and using the most profanities in a conversation without knowing it.  Pretty sure he convinced his sweet great grandmother that she has infinite OTHER selves in infinite universes while dropping the F bomb at least twice per sentence over the holidays.

Kid 2:  The President of shitty driving with others in his car. Thank you once again AZ for no driver’s education.

Kid 3:  The VICE President of lost man shit- homework, school ID, shoes, contact lenses, eye glasses, cell phone……

Me:  The President of being blamed for secretly plotting to hide the VP’s lost man shit. I’m the president of 2 things.  

Kid 4:  The President of simultaneously channeling Medusa and Maleficent every morning before school. 

Please share what you et al are the president of.

Truly love my family presidents, squishy xoxoxox's!

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Lisha @ DeLovely Life said...

I'm the President of getting pooped, peed, and thrown up upon. And the President of cleaning up said poop, pee, and throw up. Ha! Baby is the President of being adorable when she wakes up, and Hubbs is the President of shakin his money maker. No, no. Just kidding. He's totally not a stripper. :)