Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Free "Be Good Shit"

Yay! Summer is finally here!  #2’s high school grad went well after a few glitches. Yes he’s decorated! (Good job son & good luck at UA!)

#3’s (soph) last day of high school was the same day as hs graduation. He had a required field trip to the main campus at his alternative school.  (Yes, alternative school, he is catching up on credits & one of the best decisions we ever made for him & think he may graduate early.)

While his grandmother (my mom) & I were sitting out back & asking how his last day of school & field trip went he says: “It went really well, better than I thought it would be actually. And they gave all of us a bunch of BE GOOD SHIT.” Then dumps out the below be good shit onto the patio table.

Fortunately my mom is very open minded and didn’t miss a beat.  UNfortunately, I asked if the little tubes were tooth paste (I had my contact lenses in & couldn’t read the labels).   

Thank you alternative school.  So glad you have my kid’s back.

In summary: A good school year. #1 will be a Jr at UA with an academic scholarship in physics.  # 2 received an academic scholarship to UA for ecology & evolutionary bio, #4 was on 7th grade honor roll & # 3 got condoms & lube.  What more could a mom ask for?