Friday, January 28, 2011

Sometimes the Word "Pride" Just Doesn't Cut It.

Tonight over dinner my 12 year old daughter Addie randomly asks her brother “How long are you going to be in college Alex?” Alex chuckles and says “Umm, I duuno” Addie tosses back with “What are you going to BE?” Dear God do NOT ask a physics major that! It's almost as bad as using the forbidden word "exist".   Alex says “Not sure, but probably something to do with physics, I’ll probably decide next year.” 

Addie my super inquisitive girl asks “What’s physics?” I run interference and  whisper under my breath to Alex “Give her something simple and meaningful here son.” I’m kinda' kick ass like that & try to take every opportunity to encourage learning. So he says “Hmmmm, well you know how a car travels down the road and…?” Addie excitedly and rudely interrupts & shouts “Oh! You should be a 6th grade teacher!” 

THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN public schools! Damnit! she didn't even raise her hand this time while asking her questions! GAWD!

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Lisha @ DeLovely Life said...

Ah, physics. Smart people..jeez. I got my BA in English. I might not be able to explain string theory, but I can analyze the hell out of Beowulf. Booo ya! Heh heh. Wish him all the luck. College is an amazing time.