Friday, January 21, 2011


Being the mother of 3 teenaged boys, I am always learning new things that in my wildest dreams never occurred to me.  Hearing about Menstrual Art as mentioned in a previous blog is just one of them (Thank you again Alex. I have yet to work up the mommy balls to google that).  

Recently, my youngest son introduced me to another new boy dealio.

 Each day when my kids get home, I try to do the whole good mom thing & ask my kids “What was the best part of your day?”  I admit, sometimes I slip up and ask “What’s your homework?” before the front door closes. I know, I know send me to bad mom jail.  But on the day I speak of regarding my youngest son, I was being good mom and asked all 3 of my home kids (one is away at college) “What was the best part of your day?”, but I decided to change it up a teense and threw in “any drama?” attached to that question.

Good Gawd! Youngest son (14 y.o.) SHOT his hand in the air (side effect of living in a big family & going to public schools) and yelled (without me calling on him) “Oh MY GOD MOM, YES! I had some drama today! I got a NRB in social studies and we had a substitute teacher and of all the people in the whole class, she asked ME to go turn the fucking lights out so we could watch a video! (Sorry profanities another side effect of public schools, big families & bad mom, never mind).

Second son (16 y.o.) replies with “Oh dude, no worries, that shit happens to me all the time, don’t worry about it.” I finally asked (without raising my hand) “What the hell is a NRB?” Youngest son says “A No Reason Boner.” 

My daughter threw her hands up & said “I’m OUT!”  I just beamed with pride since my revised good mom question opened such a sophisticated dialogue. 

<3 you Myles & your awesome candor! You are so cool!

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nephew said...

Something as annoying as an NRB? When you wake up from a nice deep REM sleep an having to take a hardcore shit!! That happened to me today and I couldn't go back to sleep...fuck!