Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blog Followers

I'm new at this whole blogging thing, so I asked my sons to follow it.  I think having "followers" is how you measure the whole thing (which I think I have 4).  Anyway, my youngest son said "sure" while I talked him through step by step on how to follow the blog while he was sexting or some some shit on his phone.  My middle son also said "sure" and proceeded to post the blog link on his Facebook along with an endearing little editorial-which earned him GIGANTIC son points since he of all people knows that I am not above throwing he & his siblings under the bus if I think others will find it amusing. My OLDEST son (who was respectfully asked by me via email to please follow my new blog) replied via email with (verbatim): "Hahaha Mom, I bookmarked your blog, & will try to check it now & then, but following your blog would probably get me beat up. I noticed that your blog background does looks a bit like Menstrual Art."  What the Fuck? THANK YOU Alexander! I believe I was a better person prior to that little tidbit of messed up knowledge...SHIT! I will be changing this blog background very soon. 


the Georgiades family said...

NNOOooooo.. you can't change the background b/c now it will make me LAUGH every time I see it!!! It looked so pretty before I read this.. HA!

Your boys are adorable!! Did Addie post your blog on her FB? (I didn't notice..)

Don't stop blogging, my friend!!

Tamara said...

You crack me up Lulu! Maybe we'll all sinc up. No no, Addie didn't post the blog on her page. I'm pretty sure it mortifies her.