Friday, January 7, 2011


So I went to see Black Swan today. This is not a spoiler post at all.  I’m way too shallow to be a movie critic.  I went to see it for a few reasons.  First: Princess Amidala carries the lead role-so duh.  Second: It’s been nominated for several awards- Golden Globes etc. (again, I’m shallow like that) and Third:  I only personally know 2 people who have seen it & they both happen to be among my favorite people-My bro in-law who is a prof of soc pscyh & my oldest son (who will probably be a prof of something involving string or entanglement or giant telescopes……ouchie my head hurts)..Anyway, they both had the SAME response when I asked them if they liked the movie. BOTH gentlemen replied with a giant pregnant pause, an audible eyebrow raise & an uncomfortable moment to think, and said  variations of “Well... it was different and intense.” Neither could say “yes” or “no”.

Immediately I WAS IN! So, if you see me, PLEASE ask me if I liked this movie, cuz I TOTALLY want to do the whole super cool weird pondering pause TOO! That's the main reason I went.

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