Thursday, January 27, 2011

Charlie Sheen

While reading and hearing about Charlie Sheen’s bullshit today, I realized that some things are just unforgivable.

I WANT to like Charlie Sheen SO bad.  But he is making it so god damned hard.  He finally pushed me over the edge today & is now on my “do not like EVER AGAIN list”. I forgave his Heidi Fleiss shit, I forgave all his bad movies, forgave his embarrassing drunken public tirades and trying to stab one of his wives in Aspen or Vail or what ever the hell snowy place on Christmas day.  I even forgave his penchant for ugly skanky porn stars named Candy.  

But, after reading that Charlie had WINE stains ALL over his shirt while being wheeled to the ambulance last night from his 36 hour cocaine binge did me in.  I’m done. 

♫Men men men men manly men men men….Man the fuck up Chuck & take a bath, you dirt ball! What would your mother think? ♪

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