Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Best and Effing Worst

Thought I would start a new weekly thing. The Best and the Worst of the week.  Yes, it is only Wednesday and yes I will probably only do it once.

 1.  Great Easter with the fam. No burnt or poisoned food. Also a few  family pictures taken without mean profanities, tears or punches thrown for a change.

Addie, Myles, Alex, Andrea, John, me and Blake
 Andrea (almost daughter in law), myself and daughter Addison

2.  Youngest son finally got a voice lesson slot with a male instructor at music school after being on 2 month waiting list.  Yay Myles! ♫ Now ramp up your fucking grades! 

3.  Middle son (17) secured a 4 day spot to PHX Comicon next month.


  1. Middle son (17) secured a 4 day spot to PHX Comicon –(ok, bi-polar on this issue. Bite me, he's only 17).

 2.  Our sweet little cat Lydia went missing on Easter. 
Yes, flyers posted, ads placed, Animal League called with details, arguments with hubster about my cell phone number on flyers encouraging stalkers & burglars blah blah blah.

Oldest son told me he was CERTAIN she would come back!  yeah I know, as a fucken six armed blue Hindu giraffe princess or some shit…I get it.

3.  Broke ground on our LAST Medieval 6th grade social studies castle EVER! It’s due in 11 days *awesome*. Being our first GIRL castle after 3 boys, she chose to replicate The Alcazar Castle, of course she did. It’s basically Disney Land’s Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.  No biggy-might eat a gun before we're finished.

The following arguments ensued:

Hub/Dad:  I really think we can use part of Myles’ old castle for this. Let’s recycle some of this.(fucking greenies, there is a time & a place where that shit works, this is NOT one of them)

Addie: OMG! I am NOT using ANY part of his castle. It’s gross!

Me:  No shit John, that’s a dude castle! What are you thinking?  I don’t give a lady in waiting’s bucket of shit if it was the best one 3 years ago, it sucks NOW. John I think we should really girlify this one up.  It’s our LAST one ever & I’m feeling pink  & maybe some sparkle this time.  

Addie:  Yeah DAD, GAWL!

 Me:  I’m sure we can work this out.  I see some things we can possibly re-use Addie.  Deep breath, go to fucking mental Nice Wife/Mom Town, The castle builder leaves for Geneva in 12 days on business and there is  NO WAY am I going to sacrifice my chocolate over a castle fit.  John & Addie, I know we can knock this out of the park, we always do.  No worries.

Below is the progress we have made. We SO GOT THIS!

And YES those are MY practice cones, I mean pointy turrets or WTF ever made from a piece of junk mail-I can SO be green!  


Slyde said...

is he just GOING to comic-con, or is he presenting something there? lots of young artists out there.

im a comic book geek, and this year i might do the big apple comic con

Bless My Bitchy Heart said...

Slyde- The Big Apple comic-con sounds like crazy fun! My son is just attending, not presenting. I have relatives that go to the Atlanta one & neighbors who go to the San Diego one. I'm sure he will have a blast. Hope he can get some fun pix (oh & stay alive). Do you present stuff at comic-con?

Lisha @ DeLovely Life said...

That is a pretty sweet castle. Do post how it turns out! I'm sorry about your kitty. I hope you find her. :( And I took voice lessons for years. They really do make a huge difference. Good for him!

Bless My Bitchy Heart said...

Lisha-Thanks, yeah missing the kitty. Appreciate so much knowing your opinion on voice lessons. What age did you take them?

Mrs. Tuna said...

Rocking those cones, girls are better than boys, hands down. I was going to say something maybe a little dirty about those cones but we don't know each other that well.