Monday, April 18, 2011

My Most Recent Badass Mom Day

Recently my youngest son (15) casually with a dash of shitty says “Mom, I REALLY need some better scissors. I’ve been using rusty cuticle scissors to trim my man bush & it really sucks.”

Me:  *pause, punch self in chest to restart heart*.  Oh my god honey, I had no idea, what the hell? This is so one for your dad, but since he’s out of town I’m gunna change your life & hook ya up.  By the way is your jaw stiff or anything from the rusty scissors? I’m pretty sure you’re caught up on your Tetanus, but meet me in my bathroom.

Myles: Ok

I hand over the holy grail of man bush grooming.

Myles goes to the powder room.  20 minutes later he exits and YELLS up to his older brother “BLAKE! Holy SHIT!  Come down here right now dude!  I am going to change your life!”  (Little thunder stealer).

Me: Myles, you know I am probably going to blog about this. In fact, I think a lot of moms could learn from this.

Myles:  I don’t care.   Damnit!  I should have let you take before and after pictures!  (Love that shameless little shit kid)

I immediately texted my sister to give her heads up, as she has 2 younger boys.  I don’t want her to fail like I did.

Hit me up with any crazy boy stories. 


Lisha @ DeLovely Life said...

Haaaaa! Oh my goodness. Right at this moment I am so glad I have a girl. I'd have died on the spot. But that's stinkin hilarious.

Slyde said...

no one is touching my man-bush with a rusty scissor...

~Sheri~ said...

ha ha ha.....too funny! Gotta love boyz!