Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Things Dogs Say

So we got a new puppy last weekend.  Her name is Christy. My 15 year old son Myles named her shortly after we got home. Myles saw her and said “She looks like a Christy”.  This was after my 12 year old daughter and I spent 6 hours in the car to go get her and being unable to agree on a name, getting lost on the way back, ending up in Nogales and having Border Patrol stop to ask us what we were doing on the side of the road.  We’re just mapping on the tablet & taking a puppy pee break. Oh, we’re in Nogales? We were shooting for Sahuarita.  Why are you laughing?  So we just went with Myles’ opinion.

Christy is a 7 week old yellow Labrador retriever.  We are crazy about her and below are some of the conversations I have had with her, well, how I imagined them anyway.

Christy:  Sweet Mother of God! Is that a BONE in your big toe?

Me:  Why yes it is.  In fact, you can even SEE it now huh?

Christy:  Why is this shrimpy black wiener dog humping my head?  He doesn’t even have a freaking sack.

Me:  I Think he’s just a perv Chris.  Get used to it, it runs in your new family.

Christy:  Holy SHIT! Is that a Pepperidge Farm Pizza Flavored Goldfish in the track of this sliding glass door?

Me:  I KNOW RIGHT??  I’ve been keeping it there for 2 years JUST for YOU!  Am I the COOLEST or WHAT?

Christy:  What kind of sick monster puts a 7 week old puppy in a cage? And to wear fuzzy blue slippers while you do is just messed up.

Me:  COME ON?  REALLY?  Here, just take my big toe bone you sweet thing.

Love our little Christy!  She’s pretty great!


Blake said...

sometime i think she intends to rip the bone out o.o

Slyde said...

good luck with the pup... whether we get one soon has been a long standing discussion in our house for about a year now...