Monday, March 14, 2011

Important Questions

Along time ago my boss, who was also a good friend and an extremely successful business woman asked me “Tammie, would you rather be extremely beautiful and really stupid, or extremely ugly and really smart?” 

I’ve always loved questions like that.  I’m the one at the party that asks people if they would cut their pinky toe off with a butter knife for a million bucks.

I thought her question was so ironic because she was both beautiful (men fighting over her beautiful) and the girl who handed everyone their asses in Trivial Pursuit. She was fluent in French, owned her own business, and went to some foreign boarding school (ok it’s cuz she got kicked out of Catholic HS, but it was somewhere awesome like Hogwarts I think.)

My answer off the cuff was “ugly & smart”.  She said she would choose beauty over intelligence EVERY time.  

Now that I’m old and wrinkly, I kinda’ wanna to change my answer.  

But hit me up with YOUR choice. Beautiful and stupid? Or ugly and super intelligent? Oh & go ahead and answer the pinky toe question while your at it.


Lisha @ DeLovely Life said...

Hm...Well life might be less complicated if you're beautiful and stupid. ;) But, I would rather be ugly and smart because then I could make a lot of money and get plastic surgery. Ha! And I would so not cut my toe off.

Raven said...

haha love it! I think I would gosh I don't know! I wouldn't want to be beautiful but stupid like so manuy famous celebrities out there but I sure as heck wouldn't want to be ugly can I choose Beautiful and super intelligent? Yeah, I think I choose that one :)

Blake said...

intelligent will get you recognition forever, but beauty usually doen't last. i am still waiting for the day when i see an old woman with gages and a belly button ring