Monday, July 4, 2011

Frankenstein & Sparkles

Last Christmas:

My Mom:  Hey Tam, you have so many cross ornaments, maybe you should get a whole new tree just for your cross ornaments.

Me:  Ok, that’s a GREAT idea since we only have 3 trees. Where would we put it?

My mom:  How bout right here in the hallway on the buffet?

Fast Forward one week-

Hubster:  Hey Tam, I just got a new in the box 6’ tall Christmas tree on Craigslist for FREE for the “Cross Tree” next year.

Me: Wow Good Job! You should try out for American Pickers. 6 feet-that’s a lot of tree for 20 cross ornaments.

Fast Forward 5 months-

My mom email:  What are you up to today?

Me:  Oh just looking around online for some ideas for Christmas cross ornaments. I think John’s CNC, OCD D&C, shit I forget  wood cutting Frankenstein's monster making machine might be able to cut some crosses out that I could decorate.  I just don’t think we have enough for a FULL tree next year mom. However, I can totally do something with popsicle sticks, toothpicks & glitter if I have to.  Plus with 3 generations of vintage & costume jewelry hoarding, I see some potential.

My mom email:  Oh, what a great idea!

First Step:
Ok-I can work with that.  Thank you Dr. Frankenstein.

Second Step:
Holy hell, this is going to suck SO bad.  Don't panic, just grab the vintage & scrap jewelry. Even a pile of dog shit looks better if it's sparkly.

Below are the finished ornaments.  

 Thanks for the idea mom-it was way more fun than WWII radar machines for kid history class made from paper plates.  And for anyone who thinks they may have seen some of this jewelery in my ears (or on any other part of my body) at like I dunno, a Christmas party or night club or in high school ..well umm, you're mistaken *ahem*. 

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Slyde said...

i want to know what other parts of your body those might have been on....