Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stripper Down!

Sorry, gotcha with that title I bet. (I'm a trashy redneck).  Heads up, if you don’t like mommy blogs, depart now.

As a courtesy to my nephew who is going to be spending a few days with us, I decided to clean my boys’ bathroom today (after several requests bitch fits to the dirty boys to clean their own filth).

 No this post is not about shaming my boys into submission. They know no shame and could not possibly care less how their bathroom looks or what grows on the walls or what their mother blogs about.

A few months ago, I stripped (yep there's that word) their bathroom down to fairly basic necessities since  soap dishes and miscellaneous decorations were simply docks for bandaid wrappers, used dental floss & loogies (throat snot).

Below is what I first dealt with today.  Heads up again: Depart if you have a weak stomach. 

Yep, that's boy pee & if you look closely, you might even see a milkyway wrapper stuck in it.  And YES I poured bleach on it because as all my friends know....I'm a mustard gas mom.

Anyhoo-I stripped their bathroom down to bare bones. Fortunately I took a BEFORE  the bathroom strip photo (see below) get out of here pervs, there are other uses for the word "strip".

And an AFTER the strip photo so that I can remind my boys what they are missing (see below).

Since I am one of those glass half fullers, I did find an extremely bright side to the gnarley bathroom cleaning today.  Whooop!  I found the contact lens that Myles lost!  

Ok, for all you narrow minded pervs who can't get the word "stripper" out of your head, I'll toss ya a stripper bone. 

Wallpaper stripping is a walk in the park.

Please hit me up with your filthy kid stories. 

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