Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One Sided Conversations Require Defibrillators

I recently learned that hearing a one sided conversation is a BAD thing for a mom.

Below is what I heard this evening from one of my son’s friends while he was talking on his phone in my family room.

Friend:  Dude, you are SO NASTY!
Insert own idea
Friend: What? Seriously dude? You are disgusting! You are really doing that?
Insert own idea
Friend:  Ok, well when you’re done, clean yourself up and come over to Myles’ house.

Me: Oh HELL NO! You tell Nasty Boy NOT to EVER come over to Myles’ house!

Friend:  (*Pause) -Oh no no (friend et al laughter) it’s not what you think Mrs Hamby (friend laughter) that was just so & so & he said his dad made him help in the yard and he was burning up & sweating his ass off   and hadn’t had a shower in 2 days. 

Me:  OH, okay, I knew that. 

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Lisha @ DeLovely Life said...

Ha! I totally agree. It sounded perverse. You can't be blamed for jumping to conclusions.