Monday, June 20, 2011

New Nasty Words & Phrases Today

Lung Chili:  What happens when you choke & or cough while eating chili cheese fries.  How to use in a sentence:  “Mom, can you please hand me that dish rag to clean up this Lung Chili?”  

Snescara: (Snee scare uh): The results of an unexpected sneeze RIGHT after (or while) you put your mascara on. How to use in a sentence: “Son of a bitch, I just had a snescara, now I have to start ALL over, damnit!”

Shuke:  (shooooook) The unidentifiable blob of goo on the carpet when you have a new puppy that could be either puppy SHIT or puppy PUKE.  How to use in a sentence: “Oh my GAWD Mom! I just stepped in some effing shuke!      No image required-please use your imagination.

Soldster: (saw ster) What happens when you step on a soldering iron while barefoot. How to use in a sentence:  "Mom, do you have any tiny scissors so I can groom my soldster?"

The above image is real, think I might just shuke.
Love you Hamblings.  Thanks for the funnies today!


b said...

3 words: Alabama hot pocket

Bless My Bitchy Heart said...

Ding ding ding-you ARE the winner b. That is one NASTY ass phrase. Good Gawd. Thank you for the nightmares.

b said...

Sometimes its fun to be such a scumbag ;)