Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Free "Be Good Shit"

Yay! Summer is finally here!  #2’s high school grad went well after a few glitches. Yes he’s decorated! (Good job son & good luck at UA!)

#3’s (soph) last day of high school was the same day as hs graduation. He had a required field trip to the main campus at his alternative school.  (Yes, alternative school, he is catching up on credits & one of the best decisions we ever made for him & think he may graduate early.)

While his grandmother (my mom) & I were sitting out back & asking how his last day of school & field trip went he says: “It went really well, better than I thought it would be actually. And they gave all of us a bunch of BE GOOD SHIT.” Then dumps out the below be good shit onto the patio table.

Fortunately my mom is very open minded and didn’t miss a beat.  UNfortunately, I asked if the little tubes were tooth paste (I had my contact lenses in & couldn’t read the labels).   

Thank you alternative school.  So glad you have my kid’s back.

In summary: A good school year. #1 will be a Jr at UA with an academic scholarship in physics.  # 2 received an academic scholarship to UA for ecology & evolutionary bio, #4 was on 7th grade honor roll & # 3 got condoms & lube.  What more could a mom ask for?


fairy in the kingdom said...

Hey now condems and lube are a pre-req for high school mom. Thank God for the libral minded educators. This great state of az will be better off with less teen pregnancies and more english speaking citizens. In all seriousness Tam you've done an amazing job with your kids and are a role model mama:) love you and you're bitchy heart!

Bless My Bitchy Heart said...

Fairy- Hahaha! I did not know about the pre-req! Thank you for the super nice & informative comment. I agree with you regarding teen pregs. I really need to grow the hell up because hearing the word "lube" from my kid totally cracked me up.

Anonymous said...